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Auckland, New Zealand · Development


In a newly created role we are on the hunt for an experienced DevOps engineer to join our team. We work on a modern, streaming stack backed by Kafka and Elasticsearch with Python microservices using Docker, Kubernetes and Helm to deploy.

We fetch event and entity data from a number of sources (entities include things like venues, sports teams, musicians and more) and publish the data to our processing pipelines. Each step in the pipelines do a specific task like standardising, filtering for things like spam, deduplicating, geocoding the data and filling in missing information. Data quality is of the utmost importance. You may not have experience with all of the technologies mentioned above so our dev team will help and support you to bring you up to speed.

The engineering team has been handling the DevOps which can eat a lot of time so we’re looking for someone who can do the heavy lifting. We believe it’s important for the engineers to know the inner workings of the technologies we use (which is why we prefer to avoid AWS products and instead run infrastructure on EC2) so we’re not looking for someone to shield the engineers from infrastructure and need to make sure engineers are still actively involved in DevOps. We’re looking for someone who can recommend technologies, upskill engineers, keep systems updated, improve monitoring, recommend good practices and more. The DevOps engineer will also be involved in backend engineering projects.

As well as the data processing pipelines, we have a number of other projects and some big plans in our roadmap. This is not a role for the faint hearted, it is challenging, complex and requires innovative thinking.

You will be working within a business that is focused on a shared vision of growing globally and continuing to deliver a unique platform across a diversified set of customers. This role will be immensely rewarding and you will be working alongside an experienced and passionate team who have been involved in starting up businesses that now employ hundreds of staff across the world.

The team is growing fast and we’re moving to our new office by Britomart early March!


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