Solutions Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States


We need a Solutions Engineer Lead to be responsible for building a team that ensures we are successfully onboarding API customers, helping to refine their first use case, monitoring their trials and providing proactive feedback, expanding usage of our platform, answering questions from potential and existing customers and helping to build new products/features.

You will work most closely with our Engineering, Product, Sales and Customer Service teams to support them on a day to day basis. There will be travel opportunities across US and EU to visit customers and also to our NZ head office in Auckland to spend time with our team before major product releases. As this is a new and pivotal role, you will be responsible for shaping its foundation through providing innovation around delivery, monitoring and reporting.

In this role, you will not only work across a variety of customers’ use cases and needs, you will also work closely with our CPO developing new features to improve our API and reduce friction to integrate in customer applications. You’ll bring to the table experience and ideas to significantly improve the way we communicate and engage with engineers and product managers. This will require working closely with external and internal stakeholders in an organized fashion. Strong problem solving skills, proactivity, tenacity and organization skills will help you succeed in this role.


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